First Transatlantic Flight from USA to Lithuania


First Non-Stop Transatlantic Flight from New York City to Lithuania. July 15, 1933

Single Frame Exhibit

Description:  The exhibit shows Darius and Girėnas pre-flight arrangements and plans, including personal correspondence, special overprinted stamps with perforation and overprint varieties, and flight forerunners. Multiple pieces of transatlantic flight airmail are shown both philatelic and non-philatelic. Then the exhibit takes us through the disaster of airplane crash and death of both pilots with examples of real photograph postcards and even a piece of the airplane fabric. The later part of the presentation shows the response to the flight by the US and Lithuania – issuance of additional overprints and commemorative stamps to honor the flyers. The epilogue gives us closure to the 1st transatlantic flight chapter by introducing the next chapter of the US – Lithuania transatlantic communication: the 2nd transatlantic flight from NYC to Lithuania by Leut. Felix Waitkus.

Single Frame Exhibit


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October 27, 2018