First Lithuanian Postal Stamps 1918–1919

Five Frame Exhibit

Description: The aim of this exhibit is to introduce the first 26 stamps and sheets that are original and restored. Because of the primitive picture and defects of clichés, it is possible to identify each stamp place in the sheet. The letter o was used to frame borders. The borders were constituted of 32 balls. In the middle there was a four-line text. The stamps were printed on bad quality nankeen-white color newsprint paper with wood additives. The stamps were printed in sheets of 20 stamps of 5 stamps in 4 rows. The edges of the sheet were not perforated. The stamps were issued without a gum. There are only six stamps fully perforated in each sheet. When printing the text of the stamps, the lack of the letter ų occurred in word “skatikų”. The following letters were used for that purpose: ų, upside-down h and upside-down n with stress. Hereby, three different types emerged: 1) ų, 2) h, 3) ń

First Frame

Second Frame

Third Frame

Fourth Frame

Fifth Frame

Sixth Frame

Seventh Frame

Eighth Frame