Grand Duke Vytautas 500th Anniversary Airmail Issue

One Frame Exhibit

Description: In 1930, the Lithuanian Post issued a set of seven stamps commemorating the 500th anniversary of the death
of Grand Duke Vytautas the Great. 

The 5, 10 and 15 cent stamps depict Prime Minister Juozas Tūbelis (1882-1939), the 20 and 40 cent stamps depict Grand Duke Vytautas (~1350-1430), the 60 cent and one litas stamps depict Vytautas the Great and the President Antanas Smetona (1874-1944).

The catalogues indicate that the stamps were issued on 9 June 1930. The envelopes in the collection, which have passed through the post office, show that the actual date of issue was 7 June 1930.

The stamps were printed by lithography at the “Spindulys” Printing House in Kaunas in sheets of 160 (8×5 and 5×8)×4 pieces. Artist – Adomas Varnas. Paper with watermarks Kv or Kh. Line perforation – 14¼.

Postage stamps were used to pay for airmail and ordinary mail.
An example of a rare envelope bearing a 1 litas stamp with the variant “interchanged portraits” is shown on page 16.

The aim of the exhibit is to show the variations in stamp printing, perforation and plate varieties, the use of
stamps for the payment of postal items.

First Frame