Lithuanian Scout Jamborees

Five Frame Exhibit


The exhibit includes postage stamps, souvenir sheets, covers, postmarks, cachets and cinderella stamps on the covers, postcards and other documents related to the Lithuanian Scout

The beginning of the history of the Scout Movement in Lithuania is in 1918, when the first Scout troops
were formed. The founder of World Scouting, Robert Baden-Powell, visited the Baltic countries during his trip on
the ship Calgaric in 1933. The Scout Movement was particularly active before World War II in Lithuania, followed
by activities in refugee camps during and after World War II. Scouting was forbidden in the Baltic countries during
the fifty years of the Soviet Occupation. Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian Scouts developed their activities in exile.
The Scout Movement in Lithuania was re-established after the collapse of the Soviet Union at the end of 1980s.

First Frame

Second Frame

Third Frame

Fourth Frame

Fifth Frame