Postal History of Lithuanian Užnemune Region 1833–1940

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Užnemunė (literally: beyond the Neman River) describes the geographical location of the region, but is not entirely accurate.

During different periods the following frontier post offices and post stations operated in the Užnemunė region in 1815-1866: Aleksotas (Alexota) from1815, Alytus (Olita) from 1841, Garliava (Godlewo) from1841, Kalvarija(Kalwarya) from 1815, Kapčiamiestis (Kopciov) from 1863, Lazdijai (Lozdzieje) from 1817, Marijampolė (Maryampol, Mariampol) from 1815, Vilkaviškis (Wilkowiszki) from 1815, Virbalis (Wierzbolow). Kudirkos Naujamiestis (Nowe Miasto, since December 11th, 1819, the name of the village is Wladyslawow) mail transportation and horse changing station since 1817. The philatelic exhibit of Užnemunė region includes postal item until 1858, postal history during the Governorate period after the introduction of postage stamps and Ober-Ost period. Also the period of the history of the Independent Lithuanian Post.

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