Lithuanian Formular Postal Cards (1920–1940)

One Frame Exhibit


This new postal stationery exhibit showcases all Lithuanian formular postal cards, starting with four government-issued black formular cards initially released during the Auksinas (Ostmark) period in 1920. Additionally, it features eleven color formular cards first introduced in 1923, preceding and later alongside postal stationery cards in the years leading up to the outbreak of WWII. Two previous studies on Lithuanian formular cards, published in 1978, initially described all known formular cards. However, due to the limitations of the printing technology at that time and the use of basic graphic illustrations, some inaccuracies were introduced. Furthermore, only 6 out of the 11 government-issued color formular cards were described.

This exhibit is based primarily on the author’s personal research. The author has updated previous studies by rectifying identified inaccuracies and describing five additional color formular cards. This exhibit contributes new information, confirming the introduction of formular card No. 13 as early as 1935. Additionally, it highlights a recently discovered constant variety and other printing flaws recorded in fewer than three copies at present. These are included in the exhibit to inform and prompt other collectors to review their collections for similar features.

Frame 1