The Group 27 – WWII German Occupation of Lithuania Telšiai Overprints on Agricultural Exposition Issue

One Frame Exhibit

Description: In the first weeks of the German occupation, local postal administration of several Lithuanian cities sanctioned overprinting of the remains of the Soviet Union stamps for regular postal use. These provisional overprints were processed on July 3, 1941 and were in use for less than two months, until September 1, 1941, when they were replaced by the German (Hitler head) definitives overprinted Ostland (for
use in all the Baltic states, etc.) 


Most of the exhibit is based on the seminal original research article published in the Journal of the Lithuania Philatelic Society in 2015. The article described all known at that time examples of these rare stamps (only 27 of each stamps possible) with reconstruction attempt of all 3 sheets. The WWII German Occupation overprints have been extensively forged over the years.

Some of the more interesting forgeries are displayed on the last page of the exhibit.

First Frame