Registry Labels and Cachets of Kaunas Post Telegraph Office

Five Frame Exhibit


In 1830 Border post office opened in Kaunas. After two years name was changed: from Border post office to the Post office. After 1886 the Post offices was reorganized into the Post-Telegraph office, which was also reflected in the cancels. In 1886 after the integration of the post and telegraph offices, the Post office of KOBHO was formed into Post Telegraph office.

The aim of this exhibit is to present the history and development of labels and cachets of Kaunas post offices in the period of Russian Empire, the First World War, until the declaration of independence of Lithuania in 1918, period 1918-1941, Second World War up to 1945 year. Author of the exhibit personally found differences in cachets which are not presented in catalogues; they are marked with red ribbons. The earliest and the latest dates are marked according to available material 

Registration cachets, discovered by the author and not included in the catalogues are marked with a red ribbon.

First Frame

Second Frame

Third Frame

Fourth Frame

Fifth Frame