The First Lithuanian Consular Stamp Issue

Three Frame Exhibit

Description: In April of 1924, the Consular Tariff Law (Konsularinio tarifo įstatymas) was published in the Lithuanian government record Vyriausybės Žinios and announced as having been in effect since April 13, 1923. In addition to providing a schedule of fees to be used for various consular services, the law granted the Ministry of Foreign Affairs permission to use stamps to create accountability for the money collected.

The large stamps, with the inscription “Konsularinio Mokesnio Ženklas” initially came in five values (2, 3, 5, 10 and 25 Litas). In 1928, additional smaller stamps (the second consular issue) with the same inscription were issued in values of 5 and 10 Litas, but the first issue stamps continued to be used until at least 1939.

The exhibit begins with aspects of production that can be inferred from the stamps themselves (paper, gum, plate varieties, printing sheets) and then examines usage of the stamps, organized by their description in the Consular Tariff Act (passports and extensions, visas, testimonies, money and valuables, legalization, signature validation, and extracts, transcripts, and translations).


First Frame

Second Frame

Third Frame