Philately. Lithuanian Sea Museum Collections Speak

Literature class


The catalogue presents the most beautiful and interesting philatelic objects in the Lithuanian Sea Museum. Almost 300 stamps, envelopes, postcards and other types of maritime-themed items have been selected from 9000 object collection. The objects belong to the period 1863-2022.

The first part of the book tells about philately, its collection in the Lithuanian Sea Museum and presents 50 of the most beautiful stamps.

The second part of the book presents ship mail objects related to Lithuania. Ship mail postcards and envelopes are divided into five categories: 1. Ship mail in the Curonian Lagoon; 2. German Navy Post; 3. Ship mail in the Baltic and North Seas; 4. Ship mail in the Atlantic Ocean; 5. Ship mail after 1945.

The third part of the book tells the story of the most important events, processes, personalities and ships in Lithuanian maritime history from Viking times to the present day.

The texts are in Lithuanian and English.

Daumantas Kiulkys. Philately. Lithuanian Sea Museum collections speak. 2023. Klaipėda. Lithuanian Sea Museum. 304 P. ISBN: 978-609-8295-10-8.