Vytautas Lisauskas

Švenčionys. Two centuries postal history

Single Frame Exhibit


Švenčionys, for many years, was the county centre in Confederation of Lithuania and Poland. In 1895, when Lithuania was merged with Russian Empire, Švencionys stayed the county centre in Vilnius governorate. This exhibit shows the postal history from the beginning of the XIX century, when Russian Empire post was active in Švenčionys, to our days, when Lithuanian Republic Post is in place. 

Švenčionys was occupied by Germany from the Autumn of 1915. The governments have changed many times between 1919 and 1920. From 1920 to 1939, Lithuanian eastern side, together with capital Vilnius, was occupied by Poland. After the beginning of WW2, this territory was occupied by the USSR and in 1939, part of it, together with Vilnius, was returned to Lithuania. The other part, which included Švenčionys, was merged with Belarus SSR. In July 1940, when Russia was annexing Lithuania, the return of Švenčionys to Lithuania was declared, already in Lithuanian SSR.Not long after, German occupation followed. In 1944, USSR reannexed Lithuania.  On March 11,1990, Lithuania declared its independence. Postal history, shown in this exhibit, reflects the main turns of Švenčionys destiny.

First Frame