First Lithuanian Postal Stamps 1919–1922. The fourth issue

Five Frame Exhibit

Description: Berlin issues are the first colour stamps of Lithuania. They were designed by the artist Kazys Šimonis in cooperation with Tadas Daugirdas, curator of the Kaunas city museum. The design of a warrior is in the national emblem and is called Vytis. The stamps were printed by H.S. Herman Printing Co. in Berlin, by lithographic process from a single plate. 

Fourth Berlin issue was printed in May 1919. The design was the same as of the second issue with the new values 60 sk. added and 1, 3 and 5 auks. value the nominations in capital letters. White paper, with gum. 

The Berlin issues used for the postage from February, 1919, up to 30 of September, 1922, and include six periods of postal rates in force. The set covers the fourth Berlin issues of the Lithuanian post stamps, essay, proofs, their variety and usage.

First Frame

Second Frame

Third Frame

Fourth Frame

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