Antanas Jankauskas

Forgeries in Lithuanian Philately

Literature class

Description: Philatelists collecting Lithuanian postage stamps sooner or later have to deal with the authenticity of postage stamps or postmarks. Philatelists who buy at auctions, especially on the Internet, have to make decisions by themselves – to visually assess whether a postage stamp is real or forged. The purpose of this publication is to help philatelists to distinguish forgeries quite often appearing on the philatelic market. The handbook is intended for philatelists with an interest in the postage stamps of Lithuania.

The handbook contains examples of forgeries of postage stamps, postmarks, special postmarks of Lithuania 1918–1990, Litwa Srodkowa, Memel, local issues (Telsiai, Grodno, Warwiszki), WWII German occupation (“June” issues), zeppelin mail, etc. The main text of the catalogue is in Lithuanian and English (italic fonts).

Stamps are listed broadly in chronological order. All stamps, printing variants and plate varieties are listed according to the A. Jankauskas “Special Lithuanian postage stamp catalogue (1918–2012)” numbering. The numbers of the main stamps of this book coincide with the Michel catalogue numbering. Forged postmarks are listed near to an order listed in V. Fugalevičius’ catalogue.

ISBN 978-609-475-237-7