Darius Liutikas

History of Lithuanian Scout Movement

Literature class

Description: The book “Scouting in the Baltic Countries. A History in Philately” reflects the history of the Baltic Scouts. More than 1,000 the most valuable philatelic items selected for this book from the author’s personal collection. The book includes the necessary items to reflect the topic – post stamps, postmarks, cachets, covers, maximum cards, postcards, revenue stamps and commemorative philatelic cards. 

The main Scout and Guide Jamborees in the Homeland and in Exile are described. An Illustrated Glossary of Philatelic Terms is included. 

The first post stamps in the independent Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania were published in 1918. The first official scout-themed postmarks in the Baltic Countries were issued in the 1930s, and the first set of postage stamps of this topic was issued in 1938.

Darius Liutikas. 2018. Scouting in the Baltic Countries. A History in Philately. Vilnius. Community of Lithuanian Pilgrims and Lithuanian Scouts Association. P. 416. ISBN: 978-609-95111-4-6.